Online Essay Help and ABCs of Writing

Writing is not as easy as many people think it is. It is hard. But it is well worth the effort. It can also be very frustrating especially if one has a goal in mind but no idea how to get there. This is why this essay was written. It is to be the scroll that college writers live by, the guidebook to writing and submitting stellar essays. It gives the basic tips to follow so that writing is no longer such a backbreaking exercise. You might be asking why you have to write your essay yourself. Well, you do not. There are many websites which offer essay help online. This help may be in form of thesis titles, plagiarism checking, proper citations and formatting or even someone else doing the whole essay for you. The latter is not recommended due to many ethical reasons. Besides, that would only be a copout that would also rob the student off the sense of accomplishment that follows the completion of a hard task. But if it is absolutely necessary to go down this route, it is necessary to at least know how to write a good essay. This will help recognize effort and good work especially when subcontracting. At least one can be able to tell if the hired essay writing help is worth the money.


As a college student, one has many essays to write ranging from dissertations and thesis statements to simple class presentations. The first thing to consider when writing all or any of this is the research needed and the time allocated. Most essays have a hand in date by which all papers are supposed to be submitted. This means that the student should be able to plan their time wisely so that they have time to do extensive research and write the paper well. It is however very important to first identify a specific research area or topic before diving in. In most cases, the essay may outline what one needs to research on. But there are times when one is expected to come up with a research project themselves. Most students for instance are supposed to come up with their thesis subjects and papers at the end of every academic year. It is important to use reliable sources as research. You Tube and Wikipedia for instance are not reliable sources for any data. Scholarly articles and any peer reviewed work are definitely reliable research sources. After doing proper research, the writing should begin. One should write in simple English. The sentences should be brief, clear and to the point. Proper sentence structure and punctuation is something easy to overlook but equally important. Typos and grammatical errors are to be avoided. This means that the writer should proof read their work. Several times actually. They should also enlist someone else in the role of pseudo-editor. This person is the fresh set of eyes and insight into the project. They are supposed to read and offer useful critiques that can make the work a better masterpiece. Formatting and proper citations cannot be overemphasized. This means that the student should format the work according to the lecturers specifications.В It is important to run the essay through a plagiarism checker before submitting it. This normally alerts the writer to non-unique parts that need re-wording or the presence of missing citations. It is important to keep the word count. This means that one should reach the minimum threshold but not exceed it by much. All these tips adhered too, is a fail-safe plan to a stellar paper.